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Work Desk

We are a small tech repair company devoted to providing quality repairs and services to the Las Vegas Valley area and surrounding cities Including Henderson, Boulder City and Pahrump

How long will the repair take?

Normal turn around time for our repairs are usually within 2-3 hours if you are local to Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City, however it can take longer depending on the extensiveness of the damage. We also will contact you by phone first and then by email if you don't answer when your repair is complete or if there is more damage that was not visible until we open the device


We offer multiple different services depending on if its for residential or commercial.

We offer most of our repairs to all of our customers which include mobile phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, game systems such as an Xbox One - X/S or PS4 - PS5 and network equipment that is owned by the customer such as a router or switch. If your network equipment (i.e. Modem, Router, Switch) is owned by your ISP (internet provider) and you are leasing the equipment every month you will need to contact your ISP for assistance.

Businesses have a little more headway regarding their network setup and therefore are able to receive service for their network equipment. Businesses are also able to acquire service for Servers and server equipment as well. We also offer Custom purpose-built machines for uses such as Menu boards, advertisement boards POS systems, Hard core Gamer machines, etc. If your looking for something specific that we may or may not offer contact us using the contact us button on this page and we'll respond as soon as we can.


Still have Questions?

Get in touch with us using the button below. The button below will redirect you to our Contact Us Page and from there you will be able to see our hours and the holidays we are closed for as well as send us an email or give us a call 

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