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Work Desk

Listed below is our terms and conditions for service, Please do read this page carefully as all of our terms, conditions and policies are here for you.

All terms and conditions will be considered agreed to upon request of repair. You will receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions at the time of service for your reference.

A list of the terms and conditions have been provided on this page for your convenience prior to your request for service. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions outlined on this page, feel free to contact us by email using the contact us button on this page.


- NO REFUNDS after 72 hours from date marked on the invoice, All refunds or exchanges will not be accepted with any physical and(or) water (liquid) damage after the part has been replaced.

- All Repairs come with a warranty (warranty time will be provided upon completion of repair, normally 1 month on part 3 months on labor)

- Any physical and(or) water damages will NOT be covered under ANY given warranty

- Repairing a mobile device (phone, tablet PC, media player, etc.) with any sort of water(liquid) damage can cause the said device to not power on under some circumstances after the repair has been completed and Consumer Electronics Repair, LLC. is NOT responsible for any damages that my insure after the repair has been completed (i.e. if we repair it and return it back to you and 3 days later you come back in stating that it quit working on you because you dropped it in the bath tub, Sink, Toilet or other body of water, we will not repair it again for free, NO Exceptions)

- Any other damages found while working on the device in question was cause further work to cease and the owner notified of findings. Verbal conformation from owner will be required before further work is preformed. (you will be required to provide a secondary phone number for us to get in contact with you if we are unable to reach you on the primary number provided)

- Repaired device will NOT be released to anyone except to the owner/customer whose name is printed on the work order (Government issues Photo ID or Passport will be required for release of device, No Exceptions)

- (unless waived by owner) There will be a  $25-$45 NON-Refundable Dispatch fee on every service call (this dispatch fee covers the cost of fuel and milage to and from your location for the collection of the device and return of said device. example includes going to your home or office to retrieve the device that back to our facility to repair it then back to your home or office to deliver it and then back to our facility again. )

- (due to COVID-19 pandemic, timeframe has been increased to 60 calendar days. returns to 30 Calendar days starting January 8th 2023) CONSUMER ELECTRONICS REPAIR, LLC. will not be held responsible for for repaired equipment not paid for within 30 calendar days. 

- Multiple forms of payment are accepted. visit our home page for a full list of accepted payment options.

Still have Questions?

Get in touch with us using the button below. The button below will redirect you to our Contact Us Page and from there you will be able to see our hours and the holidays we are closed for as well as send us an email or give us a call 

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